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Charcoal Cooler

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= Abstract =
A charcoal cooler uses the principal of evaporative cooling to maintain a cool interior temperature for refrigeration and food preservation. The device is constructed from an open timber frame with charcoal filled sides, which is kept continually moist. As warm, dry air flows through the moist charcoal, water is evaporated into the air and it is cooled. The basic principles of heat and mass transfer underlie the function of the charcoal cooler. A simplified analytical model was developed in [| Engineering Equation Solver] (EES) to determine the functionality of the charcoal cooler for a variety of outdoor conditions and design variables. It was found that the dimensions of the cooler have minimal impact on the maintained interior temperature, however ambient conditions significantly impact the device functionality. A prototype cooler was built to develop detailed construction instructions. Future work on this project would include testing of the prototype for model validation. The EES model, CAD file, and printable PDF documents are available in [[#Additional_Documents|Additional Documents]].
<br>Note: I created all images on this page for the purpose of this project.-- [User:L.Crofoot Lisa Crofoot].
= Developmental Need =

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