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Singapore Green Plan 2012

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== Overview ==
The Singapore Green Plan 2012 is a outline overseen by the Singaporian Ministry of The Environment and Water Resources, for reaching environmental sustainability in Singapore by 2012 . Started in 2002 at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, Singapore set a blueprint for reducing waste, increasing public health, conserving resources, addressing climate change and keeping water and land clean.<sup>1</sup>
== Clean Air ==
A National Energy Efficiency Committee was set up in 2001 to battle towards more energy efficient use of energy by industries, homes, commercial buildings and <sup><sup>Superscript text</sup></sup> vehicles.
== Public Education ==
SGP strongly encourages partnerships among the 3P, People, Private and Public. They feel it will creates a environmentally aware and responsible nation. <sup>1</sup> Environmental education is stressed witin school through programs run by the Ministry of the Environment and the Singapore Environmental Council.


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