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Appropedia:Site development/priorities

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RC fix
## within Wordpress? extensions exist but how well do they work?
# Adding semantic features without some of the non-user-friendly aspects of [ Semantic MediaWiki]. How does SMW work with FCKEditor? Which features of SMW should we turn on? (Off: Inline semantic information is probably confusing to newbies unless handled very cleverly in WYSIWYG. On: Allowing users to view the intersection of categories would be a very useful feature. On: Project tracking.)
# Fix RecentChanges cache (?) so it's possible to view more than 7 days. '''Possible solution''': a simple code change which seems to produce something more like the intended results, at [[Appropedia:Site development/RC fix]].
# A box on the navbar letting people easily email friends about the page they're viewing. "Tell a friend about this site. Email addresses will not be saved or used for any other purpose."
# Map/geotagging features. (What do we want? Allow searching by distance from location...)

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