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Motion sensor controlled vending machines

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The Technology
The typical duty cycle of a vending machine controlled by a motion sensor is determined by whether people are around the machine or not. Usually power is cut off to the machine within 15 minutes of a person’s presence in front of it. Most devices are designed to shut off for approximately 2 hours and then turn back on activate a compressor cycle in order to maintain an optimal interior temperature. When a person walks up to it, the machine lights, electrical components and compressor are activated in order to provide service for the person.   In order to prevent high-head-pressure restarts on the mid-cycle compressorrestarts, general control logic ensures that it is allowed to run a complete cooling cycle before shut it shuts down and a sensor ensures that the machine does not shut down before the cycle is complete. <ref> E Source Companies LLC (2009), ''Vending Machine Energy Savings'', </ref>.
<b>The inner workings of a PIR Sensor</b>
== Economic Value ==

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