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Motion sensor controlled vending machines

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Emission Reductions
Using an average value of 3494 Kwh consumed per year for standard refrigerated vending machines and an estimated 46% energy reduction by switching to motion sensor controlled vending machines, the energy savings is approximately 1607 Kwh each year. This translates to an annual reduction of 0.35 tonne tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions for each converted vending machine. Using the most recent cap and trade legislative framework proposed in the Kerry-Boxer Bill for North American markets, it is estimated the value of carbon will be close to $15 per tonne.<ref> Point Carbon (2009), "Carbon to Cost $15 per Tonne Under Kerry-Boxer Bill", </ref> Therefore, if a cap and trade program were to be implemented, the additional benefit would be $5 per year for each vending machine converted to outfitted with a motion censoredsensor.

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