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  [[|thumb|right]] {{Organization| Organization_logo = Image:AIDG logo w tagline 2008.gif|thumbOrganization_name = Apropriate Infrastructure Development Group|right]]Organization_type = Funds development projects| founded_date = 2005| founders = Peter Hass| location = Boston| area_served = Guatemala, Haiti| focus = Business incubation| methods = | homepage =| partner =}} 
[ The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group] (AIDG) provides access to environmentally friendly infrastructure in impoverished communities in developing countries through a combination of business incubation, education, and direct outreach. The AIDG’s focus is the promotion of affordable and environmentally sound technologies to address gaps in basic services and infrastructure in rural areas of developing countries. We incubate businesses that provide [[renewable energy]], water, and sanitation technologies to underserved communities, development agencies, and private individuals. The AIDG offers developing world design experience for university students interested in [[appropriate technology]] while providing hands-on assistance to rural communities in need.

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