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02:23, 12 May 2017 The solar pumping system.jpg (file) 6.75 MB Here is the picture of the solar panel with the lower holding tanks in the background behind it. This is the complete system at the bottom of the hill. 1
02:20, 12 May 2017 The solar panel mount.jpg (file) 6.12 MB Here is the mount for the solar panel that we built. It is made out of pressure treated 2x4 and held together with deck screws. The panel is a 130w solar panel. It will provide the power for the pump that is installed directly below the panel. The stan... 1
02:16, 12 May 2017 The upper-holding tanks location on the hill.jpg (file) 7.8 MB The final location for the upper holding tank located behind the yurt on [CCAT] grounds. 1
02:14, 12 May 2017 Another photo of us moving the tank.jpg (file) 87 KB Another picture of us moving the tank up to its final location. 1
02:13, 12 May 2017 Carrying the holding tank uphill.jpg (file) 87 KB The four of us carrying a 250 gallon international bulk container up the hill to its final location. 1
02:07, 12 May 2017 Final Base for upper holding tank.jpg (file) 4.95 MB Here is the base that we built for the upper holding tank. It is constructed by 2x8 pressure treated wood, with 4x4 corners. It is held together with 4 inch deck screws and 8 inch carriage bolts. 1
02:03, 12 May 2017 Base for upper holding tank.jpg (file) 2.96 MB The design schematics for the upper holding tank base. Contains all of the measurements and design elements. 1
02:02, 12 May 2017 Design schematic rainwater.jpg (file) 3.44 MB The design Schematic for the frame we built for the solar panel. Contains all of out measurements. 1
04:05, 30 January 2017 Rainwater pumping CCAT.jpg (file) 4.63 MB Picture of a solar rainwater and irrigation catchment system. Picture taken by Caitlin Clark, manager of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Project is part of Cornell Universities Small Farms Program. Posted in an open letter to all who wish t... 1
04:54, 19 January 2017 Dalton.Williams.ENGR305.jpg (file) 147 KB I Took this picture. 1
04:36, 19 January 2017 Dalton Williams Profile Picture.jpg (file) 62 KB   1
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