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This page allows you to examine the variables generated by the Abuse Filter for an individual change, and test it against filters.

Variables generated for this change

Name of the user account (user_name)
Page ID (page_id)
Page namespace (page_namespace)
Page title (without namespace) (page_title)
Full page title (page_prefixedtitle)
Action (action)
Edit summary/reason (summary)
Whether or not the edit is marked as minor (no longer in use) (minor_edit)
Old page wikitext, before the edit (old_wikitext)
New page wikitext, after the edit (new_wikitext)
'==Hello!== I'm Andru, a young chap building a forest garden in a little river valley in the backwoods of north west Spain. I'm keenly committed to many permaculture principles and sustainable low-energy low-impact high-awesome living. I'm one of the web developers behind [http://practicalplants.org Practical Plants], a collaboratively edited plant encyclopedia and database (wiki). Being busy as I am with that, I don't know how much time I'll have to commit here, but I hope to do what I can! Drop by the Practical Plants community forum if you want to get hold of me :) Andru'
Unix timestamp of change (timestamp)