Cerades H2 clay disintegrator[edit | edit source]

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The CERADES disintegrator has been especially developed to be used with a CERATEC manual or automatic press (ie a CERAMAN or CERAMATIC press) in the production of stabilized soil blocks or burnt clay bricks and tiles. The CERADES H2 is an impact rotor crusher consisting of two counterrotating hollow drums (squirrel cage type). The machine can be delivered in several versions with an electric motor or diesel enginge, and can include a 4m conveyor belt powered by the same engine.

The machine is used for the primary crushing mixing and homogenizing of raw soil of medium hardness (Mohs hardness 1 - 3), and with a moisture content ranging between 0 and 20%.

The working principle of the CERADES H2 excludes wear and tear, because there is no friction between the raw material and the mechanical parts.

Operating the CERADES

The CERADES is only used for the preparation of relatively dry clay or earth. The average natural moisture of earth before extraction is usually between 10 and l5 %, which is the ideal moisture content for disintegrating.

Only one person is required to feed the CERADES. After starting the engine, the earth is continuously shovelled into the machine from the top. Thus, if site conditions permit, the disintegrator should be positioned at a lower level than the earth pile, in order to reduce the effort needed to feed the machine.

For the production of stabilized soil blocks, the stabilizer (usually cement) has to be blended with the soil very well. This can be done by premixing the dry soil and stabilizer on the ground and adding a small amount of water to the mix, before feeding it to the disintegrator.

The outcoming mixture can be carried away manually, or automatically on a conveyor belt. Generally, the freshly disintegrated mix is ready for use in a brick press.

CERADES H2E [H2D] - without conveyor belt

CERADES H2TE [H2TD] with conveyor belt

Size of machine (length x width x height)

130 x I 10 x 140 cm (51 x 43 x 55 in)

480 x I 10 x 183 cm (189 x 43 x 72 in)

Weight of machine

437 [550] kg

754 [867] kg

Size of crate for shipment

151 x 129 x 95 cm (59 x 51 x 37 in)

151 x 129 x 95 em (59 x 51 x 37 in) plus 277 x 104 x 102 cm (109 x 41 x 40 in)

Weight of packed machine (with set of spare parts)

586 [699] kg

1142 [1255] kg

Motor / Energy transmission

electric [diesel] / mechanical

electric [diesel] / mechanical

Rotating speed of drums

840 rev/min

840 rev/min

Volumetric output

up to about 9 m³/hour

up to about 9m³/hour

Labour force required

2 to 4 men

1 or 2 men

Price (ex works)


132000 FB (~ 3780 US0


310000 FB (~ 8860 US0

valid June 1 991


1 92000 FB (~ 5490 US0


370000 FB (~ 1 0580 US0

FB = Belgian Francs

Spare part kit

21000 FB(~ 600 US0

Spare part kit

25000 FB(~ 720 US0

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