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German Appropriate Technology Exchange
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GATE - stands for German Appropriate Technology Exchange, founded in 1978 as a special division (Division 4020) of the government-owned Deutsche Gesellschaft f�r Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (German Agency for Technical Cooperation).

GATE is a centre for the dissemination and promotion of appropriate technologies for developing countries. GATE defines "appropriate technologies" as those which appear particularly apposite in the light of economic, social and cultural criteria. They should contribute to socio-economic development whilst ensuring optimal utilization of resources and minimal detriment to the environment. Depending on the case at hand, a traditional, intermediate or highly developed technology can be the "appropriate" one.

GATE focuses its work on the following areas:

- Technology Dissemination
- Research and Development
- Environmental Protection

GATE offers a free information service in appropriate technologies for all public and private development institutions in countries dealing with the development, adaptation, application and introduction of technologies.

BASIN is a coordinated network of experienced international professionals, set up to provide qualified advice and information in the field of building materials and construction technologies.

The activities of BASIN are divided between four leading European, non-profit appropriate technology organizations, each of which covers a separate specialized subject area, in order to provide more qualified expertise with greater efficiency.

The services offered by BASIN encompass:

responses to technical enquiries;

maintenance of a documentation and computer database with. evaluated information on documents, technologies, equipment, institutions, consultants, projects, etc;

monitoring of practical field experiences;

preparation of publications to close information gaps;

organization of training courses, workshops, seminars and exhibition;

implementation and management of research and development projects.

This Product Information Portfolio was conceived to inform users as objectively as possible about fibre concrete and micro concrete roofing in general, and more specifically about the available equipment, as well as aspects of selecting and buying the most suitable type. The aim was not to deal with the technology in depth, as sufficient literature is available elsewhere, but to give practical information for the user to understand the advantages and limitations of the alternative 'technical systems and equipment available in different regions.

This enables the user to compare the machines with each other, and make a preliminary selection, before requesting more detailed information from the manufacturer.

Note: The technical details were provided by the producers. GATE is not in a position to verify these data and therefore cannot accept the responsibility for any inaccurracies. As the prices and exchange rates are subject to change, they are only meant to serve as guidelines.

Text, illustrations, layout:
K. Mukerji, H. Worner, SKAT (1991)

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