Boll RAPIDO earth disintegrators[edit | edit source]

Max Boll GmbH
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Federal Republic of Germany
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Max Boll GmbH manufacturers a large variety of RAPIDO earth disintegrators of the sledgehammer type. They belong to a family of machines used to prepare soil and compost for gardening and agriculture, but since they are capable of pulverizing clay lumps, they are well suited for the preparation of soils for earth constructions.

The smallest version is the RAPIDO Junior series, which is available with different types of electric motors or petrol engine, but all of which have the same overall dimensions, a rotor fitted with 16 hammers, a built-in vibrator end a pair of hard rubber castors for mobility. AU parts can be dismantled for replacements.

The hammer chamber is made of one piece and the 16 hammers are attached individually, so that their flexibility even permits stones to pass through. Their output rate is 5-6 m³ per hour.

The RAPIDO I series, for instance, the EI and BI, with electric motor and petrol engine respectively, are principally the same as the RAPIDO Junior machines, except that they are larger, have 24 hammers and higher output rates of 10-12 m³ per hour.

Operating the RAPIDO Disintegrators

Before operating the disintegrator, care must be taken that it is positioned such that the crushed earth and stones ejected from the machine cannot cause any damage.

When the motor has reached its maximum speed, the operator feeds the machine with shovels or by means of a conveyor belt, through the large hopper mounted on top of the machine. The pulverized earth is collected in a wheelbarrow or in the hopper of a coveyor belt and then transported to a mixer or mixing area.

When the work is completed and the machine is switched off, it must be cleaned with a dry brush, never with water. No lubrication or other maintenance work is needed.

Other Max Boll Machines

Apart from the RAPIDO Junior and I series Soil Disintegrators and the larger m series, all of which are available with electric motor, petrol or diesel engine and a variety of accessories Max Boll also produces rotating sieves of four different sizes to suit any required scale of production. The SEBMEISTER Junior shown below is the smallest with a cylinder of 100 cm length and 40 cm diameter. The 120 kg machine has an output of 2-3 m³/hour.

RAPIDO Junior 2.2 / B 2.57


Size of machine (length x width x height)

160 x 67 x 138 cm (63 x 26 x 54 in)

168 x 86 x 145 cm (66 x 34 x 57 in)

Weight of machine

190 kg

290 kg

Size of crate for shipment

140x 130 x 90cm (55 x 51 x 35 in)

160x 150x 110 cm (63 x 59 x 43 in)

Weight of packed machine

300 kg

400 kg

Energy input

Electric motor

RAPIDO 2.2 2. 2 kW, 220/380 V 3-phase

RAPIDO EI 5.5 kW, 380 V 3-phase

Petrol engine

RAPIDO B 2.57 2. 57 kW


Rotating speed of hammers


RAPIDO 2.2/ B 2.57 1000 / 1000 rev

RAPIDO EI / BI 1000 / 1200 rev/min

Volumetric output

5-6 m³/hour

10- 12 m³/hour

Labour force required

1 worker

1 worker

Price (ex works)

Junior 2.2

4760 DM (~ 2800 US0


6808 DM (~ 4000 US0

valid dune 1991

Junior B2.57

6106DM (~3600 US0

BIH (hand starter)

8072DM (~4750 US0

DM = Deutsche Mark

BI E (electric starter) 8667 DM(~ 5100 US0

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