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The ERDWOLF is an earth crusher and mixer, primarily used to prepare suitable soils for agriculture and gardening, that is, it disintegrates all kinds of soil (even of very hard consistency) and organic material (plant residues, peat, farmyard manure, straw, etc) and is also capable of mixing them in any desired proportion.

The robust steel casing which stands on three legs, has a wide cylindrical steel hopper, the height of which can be adjusted to facilitate feeding. The hopper also has an adjustable, two-fold rebound safety lock to prevent stones from bouncing back through the opening.

The hardened steel rotating tools (2 blades for coarse crushing and 3 blades for fine crushing) are manufactured in one piece and are reversible, that is, both edges can be used. Counter tools are bolted onto the inside wall of the steel casing to break up stalks, roots and wood waste.

Depending on the capacity requirements, the ERDWOLF can be equipped with a 3-phase electric motor, which is fixed between the legs for protection and saving of space. The 4 hp motor has an output of 5-8 m3 per hour, while the 5.5 and 7.5 hp motors have outputs of 7-11 and 8-14 m3 per hour respectively. The machine is also available with a petrol engine (7 hp, ejecting 5-8 m3 per hour), in which case a protective shield is attached to the hopper. Alternatively, a power take-off connection can be provided.

A pair of, hard rubber or pneumatic castors are provided for easy transportation to and around the production site.

Operating the ERDWOLF

By releasing three lock nuts, the height of the hopper can be adjusted vertically: the higher it is fixed, the greater the output of a coarser consistency, the lower it is fixed, the less the output and finer the material discharged.

Taking care that the deflection guard of the discharge opening does not face any person or item that can be endangered by the material thrown out, the motor switch lever is fumed to position I. When the machine has reached its operation speed, the lever is shifted to position II and the operators can begin to shovel the earth into the hopper. While care must be taken not to overload the machine, it has a protective switch (overload contactor), which ensures that excessive loads cannot cause damage.

The only maintenance required is daily cleaning after work by filling the hopper with water while the machine is in operation. The addition of a few shovels of sand gives even better results. Every 2 years the motor should be lubricated and cleaned by a trained person, and worn-out tools replaced whenever necessary.


Size of machine( length x width x height)

100 x 100 x 130 cm (39 x 39 x 51 in)

Weight of machine

150 kg

Size of crate for shipment

110 x 110 x 140 cm (43 x 43 x 55 in)

Weight of packed machine

185 kg

Energy input

Electric motor

a.: 4 hp; b.: 5.5 hp; c.: 75 hp

Petrol engine

d.: 7 hp

Volumetric output

a. and d.: 5-8 m³/h; b.; 7-11 m'/h; c.: 8-14 m³/h

Labour force required

1 - 2 men

Price (ex works)

ERDWOLF (electric motor, 4 hp)

5115 DM(~ 3000 US0

valid June 1991

ERDWOLF (power take-off)

5115 DM(~ 3000 US0

ERDWOLF (petrol engine)

8345 DM(~ 4900 US0

Extra charge for:

DM =

Electric motor, 5.5 hp

420 DM(~ 250 US0

Deutsche Mark

Electric motor, 7.5 hp

1170 DM(~ 690 US0

Cardan shaft, ~ 1 m long

787 DM(~ 460 US0

(all items without packing)

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