TERSTAMIX mixing machine[edit | edit source]


The TERSTAMIX (also available under the trade name TETRAMIX) is a planetary mixer comprising anon-fuming, anti-wear steer tank and a two-paddle rotary mill. The paddles can be adjusted in any direction to give the best penetration angle in the raw material and to achieve a good mix with a minimum of effort. The paddles are equipped with wear knives which can be adjusted or removed. The horizontal mixing tool is connected to the vertical main shaft by a square head so it can be removed easily for cleaning or maintenance.

Power is transmitted to the main shaft from a 7.5 hp electric motor or a 9 hp diesel engine by means of double belts and an angle gear with a 1/32 ratio. The operational capacity of the mixer is 2001, which is ideally suited for small and medium scale production lines.

Transportation within the production site is facilitated by two hard rubber wheels.

Operating the TERSTAMIX

The production site must be organized such that handling and transportation operations are minimized. The mixer can be wheeled near to the pile of soil or close to the press. Before operation, the machine must be set up on its telescopic legs. When the engine has reached its normal speed, a measured proportion of soil is introduced, after which the stabilizer can be added. Once a uniform dry mix is achieved, the contents of the tank are progressively moistened. Controlled by means of a manual flap, the final mix is discharged into a wheelbarrow through a hole in the bottom of the mixer. The mixer may also be used on a building site to prepare mortar and rendering, in which case more water is needed, in order to obtain a plastic consistency.

The only maintenance required is daily cleaning after work, oil change of the angle gear every 400 h and normal engine maintenance.


APPRO-TECHNO offers to organize 4 weeks training courses for technicians, either on site, or in Belgium (APPRO-TECHNO, Couvin), or in France (CRATerre, Grenoble).

Overview of APPRO-TECHNO Equipment

APPRO-TECHNO produces a variety of machines for building material production in the low-income housing sector:

TERSTARAM Earth Breaker


TERSTARAM Hand Operated Block Press

SEMI-TERSTAMATIQUE Motor Operated Block Press

TEGULAMATIC Fibre Concrete / Micro Concrete Rooftile Production Plant

TERSTAMIX Soil Mixer - electric T

ERSTAMIX Soil Mixer - diesel

Size of machine (length x width x height)

140 x 110 x 120 cm (55 x 43 x 47 in)

140 x 110 x 120 cm (55 x 43 x 47 in)

Weight of machine

428 kg

450 kg

Size of crate for shipment

170 x 110 x 115 cm (67 x 43 x 45 in)

170 x 110 x 115 cm (67 x 43 x 45 in)

Weight of packed machine

578 kg

600 kg

Energy input

  1. 5 kW (7.5 hp) 220/380 V

9 hp / 1.7 l/h

Total capacity

250 l

250 l

Operational capacity

200 l

200 l

Labour force required

1 worker

1 worker

Price (ex works)


165000 FB (~ 4700 US0


222000 FB (~ 6300 US0

valid June l991

Seaworthy packing

6900FB (~200US0

Seaworthy packing

6900FB (~200US0

FB = Belgian Francs

Spare parts kit

14800 FB(~ 420 US0

Spare parts kit

14800 FB(~ 420 US0

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