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Semester is almost over

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 Now that the semester is almost over, I would like to share my first thought about my experience in doing those task in ICT. Having a experience in making those activities are good and also a big advantage for myself because, I don't have a knowledge in doing those kind of activities.
 The most interesting discoveries are making a blog and also making a video presentation. Just like what I mentioned above I have no knowledge in those activities. But, I did my best to do the task for the sake of my grades. I didn't think how hard it is, the only line that I only think i mind is that "I can do this", I found it interesting but at the same time the most challenging moments, most powerful learning moments as well, because, some of the word I pronounced it wrong.

 The most important thing that I've learned is. Don't be worry if you will encounter many trials, problems and challenges as well. I would like to share also my communication with my group mates every time we do a activities or task together, Honestly, my communication with my group mates is not so good because some of my group mates are not cooperating. but, at the same time we did it successfully.And since the semester is almost over, I would like to thank our subject teacher for everything.Thank you sir!