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A tool to aid Salad production

I have a polytunnel growing salad. I'd like to reduce the amount of labour needed to grow the salad

Understanding the market[edit | edit source]

This could be used in polytunnels or outdoors:

  • Inspired by farmbot
  • Based on a track system
  • Seed drills for sowing
  • Hoe for precision raking
  • Cutter for cutting

Project goals[edit | edit source]

I'd like to design and build a tool that substantially reduces the labour time needed to grow salad.

  1. Open Source
  2. Cheap
  3. Reliable

Design[edit | edit source]

  • PVC water pipe Tracks will be installed down each side of the bed, screwed in with long screws
  • The tool will run along these tracks, pushed by small solar electric motor.
  • Wheels will be bicycle wheels used without tyres
  • The tool will have interchangable tool heads for different tasks.

Sowing[edit | edit source]

Three or four conventional roller seed drills will be attached to the machine. You push the machine from one end of the bed to the other and it plants the bed at even spacing, with a precise width between the rows. In v1 I might just use a commercial seed drill attachment like this

Weeding[edit | edit source]

Because you planted precisely you can now attach two or three hoes to the machine and send it up and down the bed once or twice a week. It will miss your crop. In v1 I might just use a commercial hoe attachment like this

Harvesting[edit | edit source]

The tricky bit!

This drill powered harvester looks very handy I need to come up with an open source inspired machine that works as well as that.

Currently thinking a beard trimmer motor to get reciprocating motion, attached to a cutter made of razor blades

Then attach it to the 'tool' frame for precision harvesting.

Costs[edit | edit source]

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Track Body Tools
row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3

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Next steps[edit | edit source]

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