Name Change[edit | edit source]

San Francisco State University has refused to sign the chapter agreement that EWB-USA requires for a club to be recognized. EWB-USA has not approved any trips to Nicaragua. So until we get the red tape cleared up, our club will be changing it's name. Next fall, we plan to resume being a legit EWB chapter.

Open Positions[edit | edit source]

Next semester we will be expanding the number of officer positions, see below for details

Conference call[edit | edit source]

As people will be dispersing this summer, we will be holding conference calls to plan the details of the Nicaragua trip. There are still seats available, so if you are interested in coming with us, call in on Tuesday the 29th at 6:30pm. (phone number to be posted on the website before the meeting)

Bridge Tour[edit | edit source]

The bay bridge tour was great, for those of you who missed it, here is a Picasa Web album:

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