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SDG15 Life on land

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Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on land

Appropedia projects contributing to this SDG[edit]

Overall Prototype.JPG
This article provides a detailed how to for construction and use of this bailer as well has some design. A discussion on the application of this system and its bales is also included as well as a brief introduction to alternative machines.
Affordable and strong plastic grinder
Sugar water bee feeder
Quee Rearing Parts.png
A queen rearing kit allows the beekeeper to properly breed more queens to maintain their hive.
Fig 9(11).jpg
Appropriate chicken feed holders can help keep feed isolated from contamination such as feces and minimize the outbreak of diseases.
Admitche waterer.jpg
This is a baseplate for a poultry feeder and waterer; a gallon jug would be used as the hopper.
Step Overview 1.jpeg
The Purpose of a Chicken Tractor is to use it as a passive tilling system for a tract of land. The chickens living inside the tractor walk, pick, and eat off the grass.
Cutting Tool.JPG
The OSAT field dressing tool allows the user to cut only what is needed from the animal in a safe manner. With this tool the user can field dress an animal faster and safer than with a traditional blade.
No image.svg
This project is made for people who wish to pick unreachable fruit from trees. Forcing fruit out of a tree causes it to bruise and spoil quicker than that that is picked from with care.
Hand Cultivator3.jpg
This OSAT is a hand cultivator. It is used to clear land and to assist in gardening tasks. This is an appropriate tool because it assists in making a better garden that will produce more crops.
Hive Full.jpg
Honey Forge for bees that are constantly losing their natural habitat.
The goal is to provide any number of farmers, herders, or others access to custom, new horseshoes.
Montessori Chickencoop draftpic.jpg
The Chicken Coop project's objective was to house and protect poulty that may be owned by the school.
No image.svg
The aim of this Technical Brief is to create awareness of a successful method of “run off rain water harvesting” which can be effectively used by resource poor farming households, to overcome the hardships of nature. This method has been developed over a long period of time by various institutions experts and community members, and people working with men and women who live in drought situations.
Soil blocks for starts.jpg
Making soil blocks requires a soil block maker, or blocker. The blocker compacts soil into plugs that come with a preformed depression for placing your seeds. Getting your plants off to a good start has never been easier!
Zanecompost onedoordown.jpg
The objective of this project was to develop a cost-effective composting system that is durable, educational, and safe for children gardeners to use at Catherine L. Zane Middle School in Eureka, CA