See also Severe respiratory pandemics, More better PPE and PandemicOSAT.

In Severe respiratory pandemics (section "triad"), the concept of "reduction" is explained. The idea is that those who carry the virus and those who are succeptible don't share spaces unnecessarily.

Classifications[edit | edit source]

Travel limitations. Regional. Based on disease. Based on vulnerability.

Travel limitations[edit | edit source]

If a territory hasn't received the first cases or has managed to substantially reduce the number of cases or even "squash the curve" (the word "eliminate" is used for countries or islands; "erradicate" is reserved for "worldwide elimination"), travel limitations may be considered.

Quarantines, test on entry, etc. Depends on the disease.

Some "less than useful" interventions are to be considered "pandemic theatre", done more for psychological effect ("we're doing something" or "we should be scared of human beings from other places") than for real effectiveness. If this is the case, resources would be misallocated.

Isolation, quarantine, confinement[edit | edit source]

Isolation if case.

Quarantine if contact.

Confinement when we don't know, or when we want to talk about the whole group, including cases and contacts.

Shelter in place[edit | edit source]

To protect certain groups, such as older members of society, or those who are vital for the whole: specialists that keep a power station running.

Bubbles, minitribes[edit | edit source]

Bring text from

Special case: Students[edit | edit source]

Create space. @jumplogic etc

Special case: Shopping[edit | edit source]

Special case: Transport and workplace[edit | edit source]

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