As only one of the social and environmental sustainable practices, this is part of the traditional culture in any rural village and town across India. Known as one of the precepts (Sila) in both Hindu and Buddhism. These universal humane traits are what makes rural India a life / mind changing experience for foreigners / western backpacking travelers.
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Maps[edit | edit source]

India•CR - India Citizen Reports runs on Ushahidi since 2011 to collect and disseminate reports in various categories like civic problems, crimes and corruption. uses Ushahidi to map 3G network quality and Wi-Fi hotspots.[1]

Citizens data initiative[edit | edit source]

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The India Biodiversity Portal is a repository of information designed to harness and disseminate collective intelligence on the biodiversity of the Indian subcontinent. It is designed to seek voluntary participation of users and establish a participatory platform for content generation, verification and usage. The Portal aims to facilitate and enable widespread participation by all citizens in contributing and accessing information on Indian biodiversity, that benefits science and society, contributes to a sustainable future; and guides the development and use of the Portal.

Citizen Science: Any member of the general public can upload an observation of any species sighted. Other members help identify, annotate and curate the observations. All data on the portal is shared under Creative Commons licenses. "Open and free access to biodiversity information is essential to promote conservation, management and sustainable use of biodiversity and has immense potential to increase the current and future value of the country's biodiversity for a sustainable society."

India Biodiversity Portal

Past events[edit | edit source]


April 22 - 27 Neighbourhood Trees Campaign, India Biodiversity Portal

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