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Reflection in Empowerment Technology

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Empowerment technologies is one of our subject in Science, technology, engineering mathematics. I learned in this subject from the very beginning of this semester are types of media which is print media, electronic media, mass media, and social media. The online system which is the internet: used to communicate and make independently. Online etiquette and online safety. Contextualize online search. Imaging designs and Google sketch up. The difference between Web 2.0 and 3.0. Web 2.0 can manipulate and current version with dynamic while web 3.0 is the movement led by world wide web(W3C) and encourages web developers to include semantic content. The meaning of ICT which is it deals with the use of different communication technologies, and to locate, save, and edit informations. Also the web 1.0, the static-most web pages when world wide web. the features of web 2.0 are folksonomy, Rich user experience, Long tail, user participation, software as a service and mass participation. Semantic web is used through hyperlinking. The several problems which are compatibility, security, vastness, vagueness and logics.The trends in ICT are Convergence, Social media, social network bookmarking sites, social news, media sharing, microblogging and blogs & forums. The network world readiness: access, learning, economy, policy and society. Mobile technologies are largely because of the dence's capabilities to do tasks were originally. And assistive media is non profit service. In lesson 2, we've also discussed about the netiquette, It is the understanding internet quettes, right way to use. The Online safety and security, internet threats and copyright infringement. In imaging and design for online environment, basic principles of graphics and layout, creating infographics and Online file formats for images, Principles and basic techniques of image manipulation and uploading, sharing, and image hosting. We created a Logo, labels, infographics and poster. The types of viral which are articles and blogs and interactive content. We've discussed also about the process of collaboration and Online collaborative tools. And in lesson 10, the interactive multimedia, it can edit and share. The multimedia contents are videos, sound/music/audio, Online games and Online tests, courseware, podcasts and vodcasts. The very last before the semester ends, the ICT as platform for change, an avenue to Social change. We created a facebook page entitled SK election awareness. I've experienced a lot in this subject though i didn't excel because im not into technology but i did and i learned some of our lessons.