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Reading material for the Third World

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Room to Read is an organization dedicated to assist literacy and provide access to reading materials.

OLPC is provides reading material in electronic form. See the OLPC sitemap to see (or help with) Appropedia's contribution to the information contained in the OLPC machines.

Literacy.org is a gateway to electronic resources and tools for the national and international youth and adult literacy communities.

There is a local book lending project in San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua founded by Jane Mirandette called "San Juan del Sur Boblioteca Movil" where you can volunteer teaching english, assist at the library, or read books in spanish to kids. Contact david.reber (talk · contribs) for details.

Invitations to participate[edit | edit source]

  • LeapingStone is an "a nascent nonprofit (still without a website) working to improve education in West Africa." Contact Curt Beckmann (board member) for more information. (E.g. leave a note on his talk page.)
  • Chriswaterguy is in discussion with friends in Java about the idea of publishing affordable books in Indonesia. No plans at this stage, but would welcome partners (financial, volunteer or otherwise). Leave a note on his talk page.