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Atalaya 432, Valparaíso, V Región, Chile~[[12NA]]  +
Utah, United States~[[2 FT Prosthetics]]  +
Victoria, Australia~[[2009 Victorian bushfires]]  +
Guangxi, China~[[2010 Xinfa aluminum plant protest]]  +
Michigan, USA~[[3-D printer tent]]  +
Brooklyn, New York~[[]]  +
Michigan, USA~[[3D printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper for Fused Granular Fabrication-Based Additive Manufacturing]]  +
Michigan, United States~[[3D printed 1/2" drive speed brace]]  +
Aalto University, Finland~[[3D printed 2" wafer dipper for Schott Duran 250 ml beaker]]  +
Houghton, Michigan, United States~[[3D printed bike pedal]]  +
Michigan, USA~[[3D printed magnetic soft magnetic helical coil actuators of iron oxide embedded polydimethylsiloxane]]  +
Michigan, United States~[[3D printed otoscope]]  +
Arcata, California~[[3D printed prosthetic foot]]  +
Shangai, China~[[3D printing a house]]  +
Arcata, California~[[4th and F St. Cob Bench]]  +
United States~[[501(C)3]]  +
Arcata, California~[[535 DCH DIY air filter]]  +
Humboldt, United States~[[535 FiltAirs DIY air filter]]  +
Blue Lake Rancheria, CA~[[535 The Last Airsensor remote air quality monitoring station]]  +
Jordan~[[7iberINC (Jordan)]]  +