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Project Description Test 1

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Caption testing

EWB Challenge Project

Design Area(s)
Semantics, Sanitation

Affiliated with
University of Bras d'Apic

Contributes to design(s)
Kiva's straw bale greenhouse, Design test

Project Leader(s)
Gcoulombe, Lonny, Chriswaterguy, SomeoneNotExisting2TestRedLink

Project Location
Burlington, Vermont, United States of America

Year: 2015-

Project Status: 1- Initiation

Problem being addressed

Context of the project

Scope of the project

Detailed description of the project

Contributions to Design(s) in Appropedia


External Project documentation

Appropedia references

Peer-reviewed publication

Other internally generated reports

Externally generated reports

IP and copyright

Contributes to DesignKiva's straw bale greenhouse + and Design test +
Has Project Design AreaSemantics + and Sanitation +
Has Project LeaderGcoulombe +, Lonny +, Chriswaterguy + and SomeoneNotExisting2TestRedLink +
Has imageFile:Imageneeded.png +
Is affiliated withUniversity of Bras d'Apic + and Procédurable +
Is part of Project CollectionEWB Challenge Project +
Project LocationBurlington, Vermont, United States of America +
Project Status1- Initiation +
Project Year2015- +