Professionally executed cultivation refers to the completely correct execution of the cultivation steps. Correct execution of the cultivation steps probably has the greatest beneficial effect of all ie cultivation steps[1].[2] It incorporates first creating a suitable soil texture and also using a correct sowing depth, correct seed spacing, favorable sowing and planting times, climate in the greenhouse, acclimating plants outdoors, efficient methods/pattern of weed control, correct irrigation (which is needed only in dry periods), plant breeding, grafting and innoculating (ie for growing fruit from fruit trees), ...

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

  1. for example, if the soil hasn't been tilled correctly, the plants won't be able to suck up water sufficiently, also the soil may be too wet and cause the plants to rot
  2. for example, if seed is introduced to the soil at a too large depth, the seed won't be able to germ successfully, and the seed is in effect, wasted
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