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Location Chiapas, Mexico

Project Installation[edit | edit source]

Juan Hidalgo's demonstration house[edit | edit source]

Day 1-2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Our steps of installation:

  1. Dug through the meter or so of saw dust that was covering the ground to reach solid earth. We needed a solid foundation for the ton or so of water that would eventually fill the tank.
  2. Filled the hole with Costales (sacks) of dirt and tamped them down to create a strong and level foundation. Using a level, we added dirt and sand on top of the sacks to ensure that it was even.
  3. Moved the 1100 liter Rotoplas tank to its location and put palate underneath to boost it up a few inches. This ensures easier access to the drain spout for future users.
  4. Set up gutter system. This involved digging holes for wood support beams, cutting the wood to length, installing the three beams, filling the holes with sand and tamping firmly.
  5. Next came cutting the galvanized corrugated roofing metal (known in mexico as lamina) with an angle grinder with cut-off wheel, bending the lamina intocutting and wrapping wire to the gutter to hold the shape, attaching the gutter to the roof and beams using nails and wire
  6. Made a table for the first flush system to support its weight when it is full of water.
  7. Constructed a platform for the mesh wrapped bucket to sit on and hammering holes in the bucket so we could secure the mesh screen to it
  8. Realized the first flush system was too high so we lowered it about 10 inches
  9. Patched some holes in a gutter (we had used a scrap piece of galvanized sheet metal which had holes)
  10. Cut PVC to length and attached together
  11. Cleaned tank and cut hole in the lid so that a 3" PVC pipe could fit in
  12. Connected the tank to the rest of the system
  13. Conducted a test we found out we had some leaks so we sealed the leaks with silicon caulk
  14. Conducted more testing and realized the water bottle would not seal to the PVC so we tore down that system and created a new one

Steps of re-installation:

  1. Measure from water bottle to one foot above ground
  2. Cut pipe
  3. Put together first flush system
  4. Connected first flush to mesh screen filter
  5. Tested before connected to rest of system and discovered water going to both first flush and tank
  6. Created flap to divert water
  7. Connected rest of system to tank
  8. Tested successfully

Testing: Demo House[edit | edit source]

Test 1: Checking the position of the mesh covered bucket

Test 2: Checking the system to see how it works

Test 1: New design:

Systems at Community[edit | edit source]

System #1

System #2

References[edit | edit source]

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