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[[Image:{{{image}}}|center| 300x300px |{{{link}}} | link={{{link}}}]]


[[{{{link}}}|Read more...]]

Layout templates[edit source]

Water Highlighted Projects[edit source]

{{Portal:Water/Selected project/Layout
|image  =
|size   =
|link   =

{{Portal:Water/Selected project/Layout
|image  = <image to be linked>
|size   = <size of the image, optional> default=250
|caption= <caption of the image>
|link   = <page the image must link to>

Appropedia:Highlighted Projects[edit source]

{{Appropedia:Highlighted Projects/Selected/PAGE|archive=Portal:Water/Selected project}}

Use the above template with the desired subpage from Appropedia:Highlighted Projects/Selected.

For example,

{{Appropedia:Highlighted Projects/Selected/2|archive=Portal:Water/Selected project}}