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Selected quote

[[{{{link}}}]], {{{detail}}} — {{{no link source}}}, {{{detail}}}

Layout template[edit source]

{{Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/Layout
<!-- USE TAG ONLY FOR LONG QUOTES -->|quote=<includeonly>yes</includeonly>
<!-- USE TAG ONLY FOR LONG QUOTES -->|more=<noinclude>yes plus< /noinclude> <!-- no < / space -->
<!-- USE NUM ONLY FOR LONG QUOTES -->|morequotelinknum=2
<!-- USE ONLY IF "link=" NOT USED -->|no link source= 
  |archive={{{archive|Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote}}} 

The archive= parameter allows linking from different archive pages, see example below for usage

{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected quote/1|archive=Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote}}

{{Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/1|archive=Portal:Appropriate technology/Selected quote}}