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Selected quote

Albert Einstein
Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert EinsteinW

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Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/1

Bill Mollison talking about the future.
You don't have a snail problem, you have a duck deficiency.

Bill MollisonW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/2

Bill Mollison talking about the future.
Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. The word itself is a contraction not only of permanent and agriculture but also of permanent culture, as cultures cannot survive for long without a sustainable agricultural base and landuse ethic.

Bill MollisonW, Introduction to Permaculture

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/3

Bill Mollison talking about the future.
Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

Bill MollisonW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/4

Selected quote
Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of the landscape with people providing their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.

Graham Bell, The Permaculture Way

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/5

Architect Eliel Saarinen
Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.

Eliel SaarinenW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/6

Selected quote
People, their buildings and the ways they organise themselves are central to permaculture. Thus the permaculture vision of permanent (sustainable) agriculture has evolved into one of permanent (sustainable) culture.

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/7

Fukuoka throwing a seedball at a 2002 workshop at Navdanya
Observe Nature thoroughly rather than labor thoughtlessly.

Masanobu FukuokaW, The One-Straw Revolution

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/8

Suzuki in 2009
We don't know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that.

David Suzuki W

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/9

Cathy Leslie, Executive Director of Engineers Without Borders-USA
In order to stay competitive, tomorrow's engineer will need to become more culturally savvy, as well as adept at implementing appropriate technologies. Capacity building is not about constructing a showcase engineering project. It's about coming up with practical, sustainable solutions that fit the environment, its people and the culture as well. (ASME)

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/10

Albert Einstein
Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert EinsteinW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/11

The only known photograph of Chief Seattle, taken 1864
This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us. We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

Chief SeattleW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/12

Rachel Carson
The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves.

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/13

Geoff Lawton
You can solve all the world's problems in a garden.

Geoff LawtonW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/14

Thich Nhat Hanh
We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

Thich Nhat HanhW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/15

John Muir
When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

John MuirW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/16

E. F. Schumacher
The system of nature, of which man is a part, tends to be self-balancing, self-adjusting, self-cleansing. Not so with technology.

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/17

Heraclitus, Johannes Moreelse
No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.


Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/18

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction.

Gandhi W

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/19

William Cullen Bryant
A breeze came wandering from the sky, light as the whispers of a dream; He put the overhanging grasses by, and softly stooped to kiss the stream, The pretty stream, the flattered stream, The shy, yet unreluctant stream of wind.

William Cullen BryantW

Portal:Permaculture/Selected quote/20

Jane Goodall, September 2011
There would be very little point in my exhausting myself and other conservationist themselves in trying to protect animals and habitats if we weren't at the same time raising young people to be better stewards.

Jane GoodallW

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