The Switch and Swap, located in CCAT's gray water marsh

CCAT greywater grease trap . The Campus Center for Appropriate Technologies (CCAT) is a student run organization that promotes sustainability through an environmentally responsible lifestyle. One way they demonstrate their mission to the public is through a greywater marsh system. A typical greywater system reuses effluent from bathroom sinks, showers, and laundry operations. The CCAT greywater marsh system is unique, because it incorporates kitchen effluent into the gray water system. The addition of the kitchen effluent requires the use of a grease removal unit, and a particulate filter. Design problems during previous attempts to address this issue have resulted in grease and stagnant water build up in the upstream surge tank and reduced efficiency in the downstream grease trap. In addition to reducing efficiency these problems have made the maintenance and operation of the grey water system difficult. Team VuTastic has been assigned the task of redesigning this system.

The original grease trap was designed with the condition that it should be cleaned regularly however accessibility issues led to grease build up and the effectiveness of the system was severely reduced.