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Gathering cattails at Freshwater Farms

Millcreek greywater. With most American homes today, all used waters are flushed down the toilet and go on to the water treatment plant. Unfortunately, only some of those waters deserve such intensive treatment. Greywater is a small scale alternative, in which "greywater" from some parts of the used water supply is kept separate, kept onsite and introduced into a working biotic environment, which will break down this water into a safe, (though non-potable) reusable level. This "biotic" treatment is carried out by freshwater marsh plants, Cattails (Typha Spp.) and Rushes (Scirpus Spp.) ours uses Cattails native to this area, Thypha Spp. wild crafted with expressed permission from Fresh Water Farms. It is important to note that greywater does not include any fecal material. Fecal content renders a water to become blackwater.

This Engineering project is creating a residential greywater processor for a house of three persons. In so doing, our goal has been to become educated on the greywater construction process, analyze the pros and cons of previous greywater projects and implement a functional, economically viable greywater processor.