Bathroom Toilet Unit

Bathroom Toilet Unit. Why? This is about the construction of Bathroom Toilet units affordably. It aims at improving sanitation in rural settings. This method is meant to be used in a communal project where inhabitants of a village can be motivated to build a private bathroom for every family around. To achieve this each family works on its own bathroom facility concurrently while sharing experience and guidance. A special construction method is used to permit this.

How? Properties of the Bathroom Toilet-unit:

  1. A comfortable space for bathing, also to be used for sanitation, nice looking, decorated, easy to clean.
  2. Sufficient space for a parent to bath a small child and to teach it the proper use of a toilet.
  3. Waste water from bathing rinses urine away, minimizing stink and use of flush water.
  4. The bathroom/toilet unit can be configured as a composting toilet or to dry-fill a dug out, the choise is left to the future users and will be based on the way how users look at sanitation.
  5. The cost of the bathroom/toilet unit is only the cost of one bag of cement.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT, the method of construction is adjusted to a communal project.
  7. MOST IMPORTANT, with the one wooden model of the slab all the cast forms for all the families around can be made within a few weeks.
  8. When ALL the families in a neighbourhood use their own toilet this results in far less illness, especially for children.
  9. How to instruct the populace on how and why the new bathroom facilities should be used?