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The Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) is a hub for sustainable living -- a live-in demonstration home, an educational laboratory, and a community space. Located on the Humboldt State University campus in Arcata, California, CCAT was founded in 1978 has been student-run and student-staffed since then.

CCAT showcases a variety of appropriate technology projects, the majority of which were built by student and community groups. CCAT projects try to adhere to the Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) philosophy, meaning they're 1) built with environmental and socioeconomic concerns in mind and 2) designed to be freely shared and copied by anyone who's interested.

CCAT also hosts a variety of for-credit classes and non-credit workshops, including Organic Gardening, Herbalism, Green Building, Appropriate Technology, and just-for-fun community functions such as sustainable potlucks, open mics, and skill shares.

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