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Photovoltaics[edit | edit source]

Projects and how-tos[edit | edit source]

AEF photovoltaic system
AEF solar water heater
APSC 100 213B Solar Powered Laptop
Argentina photovoltaic
Bottle Cap LED Lighting
Briceland PV
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps
Commercially available photovoltaic modules
Engr 305 solar learning station
Arsenide solar cells
HEIF music building PV system a
Photovoltaic system at St. Jude's church
Queen's Innovation Park Test Site
Solar Photovoltaic Cells for the Kingston Home FAQ
Solar powered Internet cafe in Nairobi
Photovoltaic vaccine refrigeration at Centro De Salud
Potawot Health Village Solar Energy: Installation and History
Robin deterrent for solar charger
Solar Charged Lawnmower
Solar charged flashlight
Solar photovoltaic ground mounting
Solar photovoltaic software
Solar powered air conditioner
UTC photovoltaic learning station
How tos
Deep-cycle lead-acid batteries for renewable energy storage
How to calculate how much PV you need to cover your electrical needs
PVTOM Operation Instructions
Solar resource measurement for PV applications
Troubleshooting a PV System/Literature Review
Troubleshooting a Photovoltaic System
Using Solid State Lighting