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Original talk:Slow sand filtration water treatment plants

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Great work Ibrahim!

I am very excited about this article and made these notes while reading through it. When you are done porting it, I will get to work filling out these points.

where is the original document?

link to water quality testing page


how can water quality variations be taken into account? how should a regulatory body be formed?

design- how should the triangular weir structure be designed

aeration - how does aeration increase the PH?

Multiple tray aerator- a more complete consideration of the design should be made, how much air flow is required, how much contact time with the air is consisered adequate? Pictures of working designs and narratives on how the design was achieved would be excellent

cascade aerator- what kind of obstacles produce the desired turbulence. Again, case studies would be good

there is no discussion of good intake design before the pre-filter

Pre filtration - examples of bank filtration would be excellent how is hydraulic retro-washing accomplished? what is ut and how is it measured? what is a series pre filter? what is a sluice valve? why is uniform flow in the prefiltration units preferable? I don't understand how uniform flow is achieved

--David.reber 02:56, 30 March 2009 (UTC)