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Concrete Block Producing Equipment (GTZ, 1991, 22 p.)[edit]

Parry/ITW multivibe blockmaking plant[edit]

JPM Parry & Associates Ltd
Overend Road, Cradley Heath,
West Midlands B64 7DD
United Kingdom
Tel, [ . . 44] 384 - 69171 (3 lines)
Tlx. 334132 it parr g
Fax. [ . . 44] 384 - 637753


The Multivibe is a multi-purpose, detachable vibrating machine for the small-scale production of concrete blocks and a large variety of other concrete building components. It is a portable machine which can be operated from any angle and can be clamped to a wide variety of forming tools, such as concrete block moulds, rooftile screeding machines, table surfaces or to the shuttering for'in situ' concrete work.

The Multivibe can be powered from any 12 volt DC source, car battery, or from the mains through a transformer rectifier, and is available in two capacities: 4 amp and 6 amp.

For concrete hollow block production, three standard sizes of mould are available to make blocks of different widths (10,15 and 20 cm, or 4, 6 and 8 inches), the length and height being constant (39 x 19 cm, or 15 x 7.5 inches). In addition, three standard moulds are available for making curved blocks to produce water tanks of 2 m, 3 m and 4 m diameters.

All components of the blockmaking plants are fully portable and can thus be used on any appropriate site with a flat surface large enough to place the required number of blocks for curing. With appropriate accessory packs, it is also possible to switch between products (such as floor, wall or roof tiles, posts, lintels, pipes, window frames, latrine slabs and many others) at very short notice.

Other building components produced with the Multivibe concrete technology.

Cb P02.GIF

Multivibe Blockmaking Plant

Size of Multivibe (length x width x height)

59 x 21 x 13.5 cm

Weight of Multivibe

8 kg

Size of crate for shipment (whole plant BLP 80)

77 x 56 x 72 cm (30 x 22 x 28 in)

Weight of packed plant (BLP 80)

60 kg

Standard length x height of hollow blocks

39 x 19 cm (15 x 7.5 in)

Available widths of hollow blocks

10, 15 and 20 cm (4, 6 and 8 in)

Curved blocks available for 3 water tank diameters

2,3 and 4 m (80, 120 and 160 in)

Energy input/transmission

electric / mechanical

No. of blocks per cycle/output rate (BLP 80)

1/ 10 - 25 blocks per hour

Labour force required, depending on desired output

1 - 3 men

Price (FOB)

Optional plant sizes ace. to daily outputs: 80,120, 160 blocks

valid dune 1991


720 £ Sterling (» 1260 US0

BLP 120

940 £ Sterling (» 1650 US0

BLP 200

2655 £ Sterling (» 4650 US0

Included in each plant are: Multivibe, moulds, wash tub, scoop, float- and for BLP 200 a 1/4 tonne ground lift truck.

Additional mould

180 £ Sterling (» 315 US0

Additional vibrator

345 £ Sterling (» 610 US0

Cb P03.GIF