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Open House: Building an Open Source Lifestyle

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Open House is a proposed video documentary exploring the creation and demonstration of an open source lifestyle. A project to build a home, its furnishings, energy and utility systems, workshop, microfarm, transportation, and domestic robotics all using open source designs found and downloaded on-line and fabricated using today's new personal digital production tools.

Open House seeks to use the construction of an open source based home as a vehicle for a journey into the emerging Post-Industrial culture and the contemporary sub-cultural movements currently cultivating it. Through the creation of its various features and elements, the project and documentary will take the viewer on a tour the basic themes of open technology, high-tech DIY, P2P, and Commons Transition with 'side trips' to visit the various fab labs and hackerspace, designers and teams, social entrepreneurs, futurists, theorists, and other personalities currently participating in this cultural evolution. The basic objective of the core build is to realize a modest owner-built home that leverages new technology and design on both sustainability and subsistence autonomy as convenient at present, illustrating the potential for individual and community 'unplugging' from the market economy as is a key undercurrent theme of these movements. This site is intended to be a development center for the project, divided into the necessary project work categories and cataloging the 'package' of open designs that will be used in the build.

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