Open Source Economics (OSE) is an attempt to extend the Open Source model to the provision of goods and services. This means opening access to information and technology to enable a different economic system to be realized, one based on natural ecology, social ecology, industrial ecology and open access - based on widely accessible information and associated access to productive capital - distributed into the hands of an increased number of people.

On the Open Source Economics website is an inspiring example of such an economic model currently put into practice in manufacturing vehicles.

This a highly distributed, increasingly participatory model of production could support a democratic society, where stability is established naturally by the balance of human activity with sustainable extraction of natural resources. This contrasts with mainstream centralized economies, which have a structurally built-in tendency towards of overproduction.[verification needed][expansion needed]

A great TED talk on the concept can be found here [1]

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I'd like to propose to rename this page to Open Source Production and reuse the title Open Source Economics for discussing the economic value of ecosystems: calculating how much work trees are doing per day in economic terms helps capitalists compare their industrial use of ecologies.Pangaia (talk) 01:45, 17 December 2019 (UTC)

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