O2 Tank Disassembly

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As with assembly, keep at least one hand on the Oxygen cylinder at all times when disassembling the regulator, and secure the tank in place once done.

To safely close and store an oxygen tank:

  1. Using the wrench, tighten the valve stem clockwise until snug, but not overtightened
  2. Turn the dial on the regulator to bleed off the pressure. If the hissing continues longer than 1-2 seconds, or the pressure gauge does not visibly move to indicate the drop of pressure, the valve is likely not fully tightened and the tank has not been properly closed off
  3. When the hissing ceases, loosen the retaining screw on the back side of the regulator and remove the regulator by sliding it away from the valve opening of the tank to allow the indexing pins to disengage
  4. Secure the tank to prevent it from rolling or falling, and stow the regulator and wrench