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North East England

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Sustainability initiatives[edit]

Initiatives by topic[edit]


Environmental Records Information Centre for the North East of England

Climate action[edit]

Climate North East

Community and voluntary action[edit]

Gateshead Community Network

Cycling activism[edit]

The Bike Farm, information from ourgateshead.org - ScratchBikes, Newcastle

Social inclusion[edit]

Report of the Newcastle Fairness commission, July 2012 (PDF)

Sustainable transport activism[edit]

Do The Local Motion, Darlington



June 7 - 8 Newcastle Community Green Festival

News and comment[edit]


Jul 30 England region plans world-first for climate change teaching [1]


Newcastle builds £1.7m protected city centre cycleway, Dec 3 [2]


£1m cycle super-highway proposed for Newcastle city centre, February 4 [3]


Newcastle selected as one of six cities in the UK to receive funding to support efforts in improving food culture and becoming a Sustainable Food City, December 17 [4]

Stockton-on-Tees council refitting 1,600 private homes to save energy and keep fuel bills low, March 12 [5]


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Wikipedia: North East England



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