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Nodilus[edit | edit source]

The Nodilus mission is to develop a revolutionary social utility designed to link its users with the people, initiatives and resources that are laying the foundation to a sustainable existence. The idea is as simple as it is audacious: to create a self-organized universe that inspires its users to discover and present ideas, activities and projects that match their values and affinities.

They aspire to create an intuitive and intelligent tool, and nurture a network grounded in ethics, based on trust, with a feedback and appreciation system that puts users in control of its quality and integrity.

Topics[edit | edit source]

They are focusing on essential topics we must address in order to inspire a collective movement toward a more resilient, and regenerative future – food security, transportation, energy independence, health and healing, education, right livelihood, community organizing, habitat, local economies, complementary currencies, and sustainable communities.

Their goal is to empower people to become effective stewards of their biospheres and communities, improving the quality and depth of their experiences of life along the way.

They are developing this tool in an open-source model which means your input is invaluable.

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