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My reflection paper empowerment technology

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I learn a lot especially in doing online imaging, design and also how to create a basic web page by using Microsoft word. First, that is how to create the site to make use for the learning and teaching, the second is a much more useful site for the study served for teaching future, ultimately improve the level of their information technology.ICT is very useful and helpful especially today's generation. This is modern technology to interact and share information among people in all fields and to develop our prior knowledge through technology. And because of this, it makes it easier for me to communicate with people far away from me, with the use of social media sites and other tools. As an online-based class, we do our activity through the Edmodo app.Having this app is so good for me because I have time to think my answer to the following questions or to do the tasks easier and understand. Through these experiences having an ICT subject, I learn a lot of things. I discovered different programs and applications that can be used in different opportunities. I learned about graphics and layout, internet threats, online image file format, etc. Because of this, I know the different techniques when we through online we need to be sure that they didn't give some consequences in our lives.