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My Reflection in Empowerment Technology

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In our modern education,Empowerment Technology is a subject that help students to enter the world of technology or what we call the ICT world.E-tech deals trough the uses of cellphone,internet,computers.etc for the innovative uses in our daily lives.

For the first semester.We tackled about different types of Web,Web 2.0,3.0,1.0 where web2.0 is the current Web that we are used.Social networks,bookmarking sites,social news,media sharing,micro-blogging ,blogs and forms are the six types of social media.Imaging and design for online environment where we made our own logo for our group,we also made pictographs,posters,label. Through wix we made our own web page. Lastly,the advocacy for a change.We used Facebook as our tool for showing our advocacy about Anti-Drugs.Movers Anti-Drugs Campaign is a page where you can visit to know all about drugs.The.different types of drugs with different effects.People who already exposed in drugs.

E-tech teaches me to think outside the box,help me to try new things in terms of using technology.For me it was a challenging subject because even I'm a millennial I'm not familiar to those things like making a logo,info graphics and etc I had difficulties.At the very start I don't want to be a leader aside from I'm not good at this subject I don't have the characteristics of a good leader.But here I come ended this semester that have gained knowledge that I'm sure it will be useful in the future.