The most basic food plan is the Mormon Basic Four from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints'. You may want to use it as a starting point and build from there since it is the backbone of numerous other survival programs.


  • Select hard red winter wheat packed in Nitrogen
  • 200-365 pounds per person per year
  • Keeps indefinitely

Powdered Milk

  • 60-100 pounds per person per year
  • keeps 1-5 years

Sugar or Honey

  • 35-100 pounds per person per year
  • Keeps indefinitely
  • Keep dry in a tight container


  • 1 - 12 pounds per person per year
  • Keeps indefinitely
  • more if food preservation is planned

These four will NOT make a good diet nor a very interesting one, but it will keep you alive. At a minimum, vitamins and mineral supplements as well as a source of fat and oil should be added.

The Mormon 4 was created to provide one year of food at low cost with a very long shelf life. Part of the Mormon faith stipulates that all families should have at least one year's food supply in storage.

Comments[edit | edit source]

You can sprout wheat to make wheatgrassW, which contains some vitamins and minerals and can be made into juice.

You'll want a flour mill for the wheat. A hand-cranked or pedal powered model is more eco-friendly, and in the event of an emergency or survival situation will be the only kind that will function.

Although most people of European ancestry enjoy milk and milk products, worldwide approximately 70% all human beings are lactose intolerantW and would have problems digesting milk or foods made with milk.

Presumably one would want iodized salt.

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