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More better PPE

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Please go to Severe respiratory pandemics for background understanding of what a pandemic, a respiratory pandemic, and a severe respiratory pandemic are, and also a framework for the tools needed to prevent, manage, or even terminate one if possible.


Masks, face-shields, helmets/hoods, maybe excubator


  • Maths of massive use: what changes when many people use masks of certain filtering level.
  • Fitting: air goes out through gaps. 3 rubber bands for a better fit (video).
  • Filter: N95 masks and how they work (video).
  • In and out: when we breathe in, we move so many liters of air into our lungs, through the mask's filter. So that filter ends up having "things" in it (viral particles and other things). Those things go out when we breathe out. So we may "charge" our mask in room 1 and "empty" it in room 2.


"Better" masks (or other face protection like shields) should achieve these parameters, all of which are achievable but not yet achieved:

  • adequate protection: fit (sides) and filtration (front). For the user and for others.
  • comfort/wearable: away from mouth and nose, not heavy, easy to use.
  • reusable: how many times, how to clean them, how do we know they still work
  • scalable: production in massive numbers, adapting other industries or relying on home-made masks.
  • style: people want to wear it.


  • improving fit: 3 rubber bands
  • improving filtration: different materials
  • crazy ideas: could we improve electricity with small (rechargable) batteries?


  • kinds
  • combinations
  • qualities: washable, breathable, light, availability


  • testing for fit
  • how to test filtration capacity with home tests
  • how to test filtration capacity with industrial tests
  • correlation (or lack of) between tests
  • cheap and reproducible testing procedures


how to make them: links, keywords


education for proper use: don, duff, clean situations in which they are most useful, strategies for facilitation (ads rules, teaching, games)