USAID Speaker’s Corner on Microfinance and Climate Change:[edit | edit source]

Can MFIs Promote Environmental Sustainability? November 18-20

Sign up today for this three-day online discussion to explore the critical issues related to microfinance and climate change. Hosted by Dan Lundmark of GreenMicrofinance (, this online forum will discuss the role MFIs can play to help microfinance clients mitigate the worst effects of climate change. An increasing number of MFIs recognizes that it is not only possible to promote environmentally sustainable practices, but that it is also good for everyone involved. Why is this? Can an MFI practice and promote ‘Green' solutions while simultaneously remaining financially solvent?

Join us, and each day share your own experiences, questions and comments in the online discussion forum:

   * Day 1: What is the impact of microenterprise and microfinance clients on the natural environment?  
   * Day 2: How can MFIs promote environmental sustainability while still meeting their 'core mission’ of reducing poverty
   * Day 3: What is the role of donors and investors in ensuring environmental sustainability of an MFI and their clients?

Sign up today: For more information and free registration, visit Send questions to

Speaker’s Corners are a monthly feature of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s microLINKS Website,

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