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Melbourne East-West tunnel

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The "East West Link" is a proposed new road tunnel between the East end of the the Eastern Freeway (currently Alexandria Parade) and the "Citylink" tollway to the West of Royal Park. The proponent of the project is the Linking Melbourne Authority, a Government authority set up to build large roads as part of the earlier Eastlink tollway in Melbourne's East from 2000-2008. Their page on the project is here.

It is supported by the current liberal-national coalition state government, with contracts currently planned to be signed in late 2014. However funding has not been secured for the full cost of the road (est. at $6 Billion+).

It is opposed by many groups & citizens of Melbourne on multiple rationales:

  • Poor cost-benefit ratio (IE the very high cost of the project isn't justified by the perceived benefit in traffic reduction);
  • Permanent disruption and loss of amenity to the inner-Melbourne neighbourhoods of Collingwood, Clifton Hill, Brunswick
  • Will likely cause further Car dependency in Melbourne, at a time many argue we should be instead taking action to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity and oil-requirements of our transport system;
  • As an extension of the above point, spending the large amount of money on the EW Link would greatly reduce scope for needed upgrades to Melbourne's public transport system;
  • Loss of valuable inner-city parkland (Royal Park), some of which is environmentally very sensitive areas (such as wetlands), and also has high recreational and sporting amenity for inner-city residents;

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