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Our anti-spam system identified your edit as suspicious. This is nothing to do with the CAPTCHA (curvy letters or numbers you had to enter) but something else about the edit. If you're genuine, we apologize, and here's what to do:
  1. If you're not logged in but you have an account, log in now and try your edit again. That may solve the problem. Or...
  2. If you are a student using Appropedia as part of a class, ask your instructor. (We've given tips to bypass the filter, to instructors who we know are using Appropedia.)
  3. Review your edit, make changes and try again. (Sorry we can't be more specific - we don't want to let the spammers know our secrets.) Or...
  4. If none of these work, please inform an administrator. Do this by leaving a message on our "Village Pump, or contact your instructor (if you're using Appropedia in a course) or (last resort) leave a message for the spam filter admin, who will help you out next time he's on duty. BE SURE TO MENTION THE NAME OF THE PAGE YOU WERE TRYING TO EDIT, AND YOUR USERNAME - this gives me (the filter admin) a way to search for your edit in the (enormous) log of blocked edits.

If you have an account on Appropedia and begin making non-spammy edits, soon you won't ever see this warning while logged in.

Thank you for your patience with our efforts to keep Appropedia spam-free.