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Empowerment Technology was such a hard and difficult subject for me. it is hard because some of our lessons in this subject is difficult ti understand and sometimes I can't relate it to my life. But there are times that I can fully understand what our teacher discussing. Just like in our prelim discussion, I learned a lot of lessons that i can used and apply in my life. One of this is the Information and Communication Technology or also known as ICT. By this, I can know that is deals with the use of different communication technology such as mobile phones, telephone, internet, etc that we are using today in our society. through this, it also helps me to locate, save, send and edit a particular information in a World Wide Web. What we had done in this subject is very helpful and useful.

 Learning new knowledge in Empowerment Technology is very important. Why is it that these are important? First, it helps me especially other people to be wise and aware in using internet. Second, be responsible in posting some images or other confidential things that people can saw it. Lastly, it is useful in our daily lives. E-Tech is a very powerful tool that we can used in our life. But sometimes, I hate E-tech. It is because there are things that critically need to understand and I hate that thing. Sometimes, I don't have the interest in listening in our discussion because it is boring and there is no fun