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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The MOST open-source metal 3-D printer v2 assembly instructions are provided for the mechanical parts only. The electronics are provided separately.

Assembly[edit | edit source]

The assembly is divided into # separate parts and must be completed in the following order: Carriage, Frame, Effector Mount.

Carriage[edit | edit source]

The carriage assembly must be completed three times.

Quantity Assembly Parts Dimensions
2 M6 Socket Head Cap Screw 45mm
1 Carriage Top Bracket 26mm x 94mm
2 Linear Bearing 8.3 mm ID 24mm tall
4 M3 Socket Head Cap Screw 14mm
1 Carriage Bottom Bracket 40mm x 94mm
2 M3 Flat Head Screw 10mm
2 N52 Neodymium Magnet 3/4" OD x ½" Thick
2 M6 Locknut
1 Lead Slider

Frame[edit | edit source]

Quantity Assembly Parts Dimensions
6 Guide Rods 8mm x 300mm
3 Stepper Motor w/ lead screw 300mm
1 Top Plate 435mm x 435mm
1 Motor Plate 435mm x 435mm
12 M3 Socket Head Cap Screw 14mm
12 M6 Socket Head Cap Screw 20mm
2 Spacer for Circuit Boards 75mm x 50mm
1 Adjustable Welder Mount Plate 75mm x 390mm
1 Welder Mount Arm 50mm x 771mm
1 Welder Holder 1-1/4 OD x 3in
6 M6 Socket Head Cap Screw 30mm
4 M6 Socket Head Cap Screw 70mm
10 M6 Locknut
* MOST open-source metal 3-D printer v2

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