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Lyenslhe Padillo

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                                                 Lessons that I learn while doing activities
     Now that the whole semester is almost over, as a student I would like to share my experience and thoughts about the projects, assignment, activities and etc. that I’ve experience in ICT. For me my first thought our overall project is Positive, it’s because I can learn more things that I don’t have any knowledge about it, and through this projects/ activities that our teacher gives to us, the more he give us leanings, and help us more knowledgeable in ICT, Especially nowadays technology or internet are so useful.

     While working my project I discover some interesting about the problems I’ve encountered, even though some problems are so hard to solve, I used to managed it and I’m happy that in terms of those problems, I achieved my desired goals, and about to myself I am positive and happy, to avoid suffering in stress, and to others, the most important thing to do is, to help and to have a Unity, in order to achieve the goal of each other. I encountered also a challenging moments, like you are working in the middle of the night and you feel so sleepy, but you don’t have a choice, the only choice is you must finish your project/activities, because the deadline is near approaching, and there are some subjects that you must do, through this challenge I made myself to have a high patience and use the time management.
     I learned a lot in this subject because even though I’m busy, I used to manage all of it, and the most important thing that I learn personally is, always positive and have a high patience and unity either it’s a group or individual activity. We can adopt this learning in a real world situation. If you used this learning’s to your projects it is possible also, that if you used this learnings in a real world situation, people around or the society will be peaceful and it will possible that the goal of the society will be achieved.